Reader, writer, romance novelist. I write romance and young adult.

About Me

Reader, writer, believer, advice giver. Author of:  The Heart Gem now available from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon, and other outlets. Monster Mirror, a young adult paranormal romance, available February 22, 2013.

Isabella Macotte grew up in Chicago and now lives in the Midwest. Ever since she can remember, she was reading. Not just fiction but everything she could get her hands on. Science, romance, history and paranormal. Especially paranormal...anything scary, creepy, or gory, she loves it. From light paranormal elements to terrifying monsters, she'll make up a story to amaze or scare you.

Passionate about books, Isabella keeps busy reading, writing and working in a library. But if a few moments remain at the end of the day, she spends them with a wonderful family and sweet bichon pup named Daisy.