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Friday, February 22, 2013

Mia's thoughts on Valryk

Excerpt from Monster Mirror: “Changed your mind about my offer, Mia?” Valryk stood behind me, an immortal package of trouble. When I turned around he was in my personal space and a little too close again. I’d never been really, truly scared of him. Irritated? Heck yes. Nervous? Yup. Now I was scared. Maybe because I was on his turf this time.

Mia's thoughts on Aiden:

Excerpt from Monster Mirror: "Since taking that turn onto the forest preserve road, I’d crossed over into Aiden’s turf. And there was something different about his world beyond just the obvious zip code. It looked like I’d traded in the mystery of paranormal creatures floating in and out of space back home for a mega-crush on a gorgeous, mysterious guy in Cape Livingston. That boring summer I’d imagined was turning into something totally different. What I hadn’t figured out yet was if that was a good thing."

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Excerpt from Monster Mirror

Mia's words:

I live in a world filled with paranormal creatures. They showed up almost twenty years ago. That’s when the Reveal happened.
       Hollywood stopped making new horror films when the real things showed up, so I catch my supernatural education from the net’s streaming movies. “Mia,” my mom used to say a lifetime ago, “stop with all the scary movies already. Switch to rom-coms.” No way. Maybe all this interest in the supernatural was premonition and preparation for me.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Here's an excerpt from Monster Mirror:

Amazing how one wrong turn can irrevocably change your life…


It’s one of those lucid nightmares where you know you’re dreaming but can’t wake up. And because you can’t wake up, you’re terrified what’s happening is really real.

I run through these woods right here outside of Cape Livingston. I am familiar with them, every tree and clearing. My chest heaves with exertion and fear. I ignore the physical pain as my feet trip over the rough stones.

I look over my shoulder. A black-haired monster, big and hulking, chases me. In spite of the huge lead I start out with, the thing is catching up. It smells me. It doesn’t tire. It is strong and evil and won’t stop until it gets what it wants. I’m supposed to do something important, really important, but instead decide to run, and the thing is enraged.

Suddenly, I know I have to fulfill my honor-bound promise no matter how frightening the monster is. So I stop, turn around, and wait for it. Just wait.

The monster blurs closer as it knocks down trees in its wake and rips fissures into the dirt with its curved claws. The ground pounds louder and louder. Pine needles shake off the branches and shower the forest floor.

Terror fills every inch of my exhausted body, but it’s too late to urge my limbs to move because now my legs refuse to go. What do I wait for? Why do I stop? Move, Mia!

But I don’t move and accept my fate. I watch the monster grow larger as it rages toward my human body.

Almost here. My eyes close tight.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Coming soon...

Monster Mirror, a young adult paranormal romance novel, will be available on February 22, 2013:
A plan to keep evil from spilling out into the world is tested…

In a world where terrifying creatures roam the night, all seventeen-year-old Mia wants is a quiet summer in safe, supernatural-free Cape Livingston. After a wrong turn into an unknown area, she learns the Cape isn’t as predictable as expected.

Mia must protect herself from the paranormal world ready to destroy her life by using everything she’s learned from the horror movies she watches.

Will her training be enough to tip the scale in her favor? Will her choice between the boy she loves or the boy determined to deliver her as a Swap be the right one? Is her future with the Monster Mirror inevitable?

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Check out my new cover for Monster Mirror

The talented artist, Amy Haffner, designed the cover of my upcoming book, Monster Mirror, a young adult paranormal romance. Release date February 22, 2013!